MADE To ORDER – XL Snow Owl Family Winter Christmas Wreath, Large, White owl, Rustic Woodland Cabin- Custom, Only 1 Available

MADE To ORDER - XL Snow Owl Family Winter Christmas Wreath

MADE To ORDER – XL Snow Owl Family Winter Christmas Wreath

This listing is for a Custom Snow Owl family wreath.

The wreath you are ordering is NOT the one pictured, but will be very much like the ones pictured that I have previously sold.

I start with an 18” Grapevine wreath and cover that with life-like cedar, hemlock, or juniper, then add several Snowy Cedar branches and other iced greenery, including Holly, pine cones, and red berries, topped off with a bright cherry red burlap [ or I have a gorgeous medium pine green burlap, if you prefer] and cozy flannel plaid tartan bow. All of which surround a beautiful White feathered Snowy owl family with a 13″ wonderfully realistic momma, and two fluffy little 5” babies.

Final measurements will be approximately: 33”T x 31”W x 8.5″D

**You will be sent photos of your completed design for your final approval BEFORE I ship. Please be SURE to check your email during the time whenI tell you to expect photos, I do NOT like to ship without the buyer assuring me they are DELIGHTED with their purchase. [However, if I have NOT heard back regarding the final approval photos within 36 hours, I will reluctantly ship the wreath without that final OK. –During the holiday season room to store finished wreaths is very limited, so I need to get them out the door upon completion.]**

**Wreath will be completed within 2 weeks of your order. I ONLY have all supplies required on hand to make ONE of these. These large, gorgeous owls are DISCONTINUED and were NEVER carried in ANY local stores.

****Postage rates run higher for this wreath due to the extra large box required for shipping.****