Jane Magnolia Spring Family Owl Wreath, Custom for Carol

Carol's Spring Magnolia Owl Family  Wreath

Carol’s Spring Magnolia Owl Family Wreath


Omg Anne I love this one so much!!!
It matches all the pink blooms blooming here. See the pollen on my porch floor? Luckily it has been a wet spring so the huge dry plumes of it we normally have aren’t so bad this year.

Thank you! I am always dazzled and mesmerized when I first take your wreaths out of the box – this is no different – I wanted to stand there on the porch the rest of the day haha! In the pollen – and just stare at it. The little owls are so sweet!! And the colors are just perfect for my porch – I am so proud of this wreath! 😀 I’m beaming haha! ~Carol