Huge Peacock Mardi Gras Wreath, Masquerade Jester Wreath, Venetian Carnival Wreath, large Mardi Gras Green Purple Magenta teal

SOLD for $259.99

This breathtaking showstopper features a FANTASTIC 24″ black and silver female Venetian Jester mask, three 65 gram feather boas, porcelain jester masks, glittery peacock feathers, throw beads galore, and is packed FULL with various other high quality Mardi Gras themed goodies.
This gorgeous showpiece is HUGE and Measures: 45″T x 28″W x 9″D and loaded with gorgeous, top quality pieces.
**This is HUGE so my largest shipping box is required and thanks to the serious bump in shipping costs 2 months ago, shipping runs HIGH**