Carol’s Custom North Carolina Lake House Wreath

Custom Lake House Wreath for Carol

Custom Lake House Wreath for Carol

Feedback from Buyer:

Oh Anne!! It arrived today and I can’t stop looking at it!! Also I discovered the little hummingbird which became a symbol for my mom just after she passed – one sis chose a hummingbird icon for her funeral reception and another chose it for her funeral program and I chose earrings with little hummingbird earrings for her funeral so we started joking that it was her “totem”. My dad planted a memorial garden for her at the retirement home where they lived and we were always adding hummingbird ornaments and feeders so when I saw the little hummingbird in the wreath, I instantly thought of her. I hadn’t seen this bird in the photos so it was really sweet to discover it there.

I keep looking at it and it’s amazing how much like a forest it looks. Just a feeling it emits and the tartan just makes it even more personal.